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Silicone molds are a soft pliable material and are open pour molds. Aluminum molds can be either 1 piece open-pour molds or 2 piece molds. Some aluminum molds can be poured without a hand injector and some cannot. Please see descriptions to know which can and which cannot. Difference between the molds: Silicone molds are less expensive

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Lure Flex is our liquid plastic plastisol forumla.now with added UV This is the base material you need to make your soft plastic lures. It's milk like consistency soon changes to a thicker clear liquid when heated. Just add colours, glitter and scents of your choice and pour into moulds. Your lure creations will soon come to life!

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Lead Jig - This is a more basic method of rigging a tube bait. Choose an appropriate weight lead jig head and insert it into the butt of the hollow body pushing it to the very end where it is stopped by the solid head. Force the eyelet of the lead jig through the plastic so it protrudes outside the tube. Over the past few years Dirty Jigs has grown from "a jig company" to "THE Swim Jig Company". Whether you fish a Northern-Style Swim Jig, a Coosa River-Style, or chase giants with the No-Jack and California styles, we have the best swim jig for every situation you will encounter on the water.

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Mar 29, 2012 · X2 the injection molds are awesome and no cutting tails required. Nothing wrong with dipping though the trick with vertical dipping rods is that you need enough plastic (approximately 4 5 inches deep so you would need a deep narrow container for your plastic, now horizontal dipping only an inch or two and you can easily do two or more colors, i'm not sure if its still around but someone posted ... We manufacture and sell high quality soft plastic lure molds such as soft plastic bait, grubs, crayfish, worms, soft plastic baits molds and twisters tails lure molds soft plastic molds 2 items - 102.00 USD