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Atmakaraka Moon 6th House intercepted Leo. I'm supposed to listen to my mother (moon) but, I was stolen from her when I was six months old.Atmakaraka, the Soul: Komilla Sutton Vedic Astrology Tutorials #Atmakaraka is the significator of the Significance of #Atmakaraka in different houses and #Karakamsha unfolding the journey of our...Dec 20, 2013 · If Sukra (venus) and Chandra (moon) occupy the 4th from Atmakaraka, the person will have the paraphernalia of royalty, viz., Nagara or drums, Noubhat, music Chatras umbrellas, Chamaras or tufts of hair-fans which attendants keep waving about the royal personage and other signs and emblems of royal state.

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Your Atmakaraka holds the answer to why you came back on this earth & what your greater role in the cosmic scheme of things is. Atmakaraka signifies your soul. Due to the unfinished desires of the past lives, the soul continues to take birth till such time the mission is accomplished. If the Moon is placed in Karakamsha lagna aspected by Venus, the native becomes a chemist. Here chemist does not mean that one will sell medicines but one will be engaged in the business/profession related to chemicals and it can be medicines also. 2. Moon as Atmakaraka in Astrology | Lessons from the Krishna Avatar. In this video I have talked about planet Moon as Atmakarka and how it would shape a person's life if it becomes the planet that ...

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Apr 06, 2011 · Atmakaraka Worldly Desires Spiritual lesson Sun success , fame, power, letting go of the ego, humility Moon happiness, love, satisfaction understanding unhappiness, Difference between true and false love Mar 23, 2017 · Moon and Saturn are very closely connected as Moon takes 2.5 days in a Rashi and Saturn takes 2.5 years in a Rashi, moon Takes 1 day in a Nakshatra and Saturn takes 1 year in a nakshatra. Hence they are closely connected and for this reason Saturn is a strong planet in giving detachment and Sanyas. Find your fate provides a guide to astrology, numerology, horoscopes, indian astrology, compatibility and match making for all 12 vedic astrology atmakaraka saturn signs on love, money, relationships, career. If you're already in a relationship vedic astrology atmakaraka saturn married, issues that have been brewing beneath the surface will ... #atmakaraka Instagram videos and photos. Atmakaraka in Vedic Astrology plays very important role in understanding nature of your soul and soul's purpose which many people try to figure out through...

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Mar 30, 2012 · The Moon as Lagna (referencing the Moon sign as the Ascendant) will have particular importance if the Moon is strong in the nativity, for example if the Moon is exalted, swakshetra, moolatrikona, in a kendra, recieving drishti from benefics, or any combination of these influences. Moon sextile or trine Venus Amiability is a distinct characteristic of those people who have the sextile or trine of the Moon and Venus in their natal charts. There is something soft and yielding about them, and their natural charm is usually obvious. Highly imaginative and sympathetic, these people make excellent mediators and go-betweens.